Digital Press Hellas S.A. is the first and largest manufacturing company of pre-recording optical disks (CD, DVD) in Greece and belongs in the ODEON group of companies.

Since its foundation follows absolutely the growth of technology in the above sector, continuing leading in the Greek market and possessing the place of one from the largest manufacturing companies of optical disks (CD, DVD) in Europe. It allocates a complete vertical organization, with all the departments that requires the productive process, from the preparation and production of glass masters up to the printing and packaging services.

At the run of the 21st century, affords to assimilate international evolutions that concern know-how treatments, but also actively keep up with the rapid developments that are taken place worldwide in the sector of technology.


Established in 1987 in Halandri, Athens as DIGITAL PRESSHELLAS S.A.. At 1/1/2005 was incorporated with ODEON CINEPLEX S.A. and is a member of ODEON group of companies. As a pioneer in Greece, was one of the first European companies of high technology, that dealt with the manufacture and reproduction of formerly revolutionary data medium, the CD (compact disk), via the first “in line” production in the world with incorporated the qualitative control system (scanner).

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According to digital technology developments in all production levels it created firstly (in the 1st floor of Messogeion Ave. building) the first Digital Sound Recording Studio in Greece. This studio was drawn and manufactured by leading East Lake Audio, the English designer of sound David Hawkins and allocated complete professional – pioneering equipment for Digital Multi-channel recordings. Most Greek music artists recorded in this studio, putting “their imprint” in this new technology. At the same time, in the ground floor of building, it was drawn once again by the East Lake Audio, first CD Pre-mastering Suite in Greece, equipped with the best material existed then worldwide. This Suite operated from the year 1987 up to the year 2000 and processed sound and digital, almost all the older list, but also the new production the Greek discography mainly. The Initial Drawing of Concretisation of company included also the creation of Factory of Manufacture of Optical Disks (CD) that with his operation in the same always building of Messogeion, with – firstly – pioneering line of production in 1987, completed the subject “Production CD in Greece”. It was the first production In Line in the world, with incorporated the system of qualitative control (scanner). In 1995 were acquired by DIGITAL PRESS HELLAS the better factory of production of LP disks and cassettes of country, the known G.P.I, with a view to it continues the production of this means up to the completion of their circle of life. At the same time, in the same space, was created also a modern department of Packing for all the products of company but also the first Glass Mastering (manufacture of uterus) for the CD. Near in the end of 2nd millennium, the technology has created new requirements and the manufacture of completely new building, manufactured and shaped suitably for the needs of manufacture of new optical disks is necessary. Thus therefore, in Koropi Attica, are completed in 2001 the new installations of DPH. The company maintains owned installations, that find in building 3.000 m2 with possibility of extension also 3.000 m2, in a developing region of Attica and function with respect to the environment, according to the most modern methods of production and with specifically educated human potential. The presence of DVD created, apart the new spaces, the acquisition of new equipment for the needs of new optical media. This time, were manufactured 4 new CONTROL ROOMS (SOURROUND SOUND) in order to serve the Multi-channel News In (DVD AUDIO, DVD VIDEO etc.) once again from the East Lake Audio and the David Hawkins, after the time proved that this manufactures function with precision and effectiveness. Two from them they are specialised in the DVD Authoring and two in the Sound for CD, DVD etc. the Glass Mastering of Company, it was upgraded with new “Clean Rooms” and equipment suitable for higher discretion optical means of storage. In the lines of production was added in 2002 one completely news, for DVD 9 (that it is difficult but more interesting format the DVD) but also DVD 5 and DVD 10. For the printings was acquired a new 4 colour printing machine, OFFSET technology. For the packing also in 2002, was acquired also a packaging machine that automates completely the final form of product. Today, charm in the high investments and developing the digital technology in all the levels of production, was continued the installation of new lines of production CD and DVD, the department of printing was extended with installation of new printing machines and the department of packing was automated completely for all the “popular” goods of packing, giving thus an annual productive possibility, that exceeds the 90 millions disks.

Audio Mastering

Mastering, a form of audio post production, is the final process in preparing an album or EP for release. The goal of mastering is to enhance the overall sound, and create a defined listening experience for a song. In addition, correct mastering will ensure that your songs are frequency balanced and the level is correct for digital distribution and radio play.

In the simplest terms CD mastering / Album Sequencing is what makes a group of songs sound like a commercially released record.
Audio Mastering

Digital Video Editing

Finalize your movie for the big screen or any screen. Choose from DCP, any tape media, BlueRay Disc, DVD or internet media files. Do you need it subtitled? Trust us to prepare it for you.
Video Editing

Digital Disc Production

Digital Disc Duplication provides competitively priced professional CD & DVD duplication, replication and manufacturing. Contact us for a free quote.
Disc Production


Our experience producing 12' EPs and Singles of 7' and 12' from 1997 until 2000, guarantees new Vinyl titles of unparalleled quality.

We undertake all stages of EP manufacturing in collaboration with the greatest factories of the industry. Vinyl is back and we are here to deliver all available options according to your desires.


We produce high-quality packaging for CD and DVD discs which share all the standards depending on the objectives.

Packaging is not only an accessory for protecting the disk, but also a key element of corporate and corporate style, thanks to which one can present and provide information about the contents of the package, which already serve as advertisement. At the same time the original image of the products or services is being presented in a unique design which, we always come up with, with the greatest sincerity care and compassionate professionalism.


Media Piracy Report

Our company, whicj is a pioneer in the area of digital media processing is taking all the necessary measures and keeps all needed policies and procedures in order to secure the factory process from unauthorized copy and reproduction. If you have noticed that digital media content which has been processed in our company is violated by means of digital rights you can send us a letter to the adress below with all the necessary details.

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Alternatively you can send us an e-mail at